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Let's Compare Real Estate Brokerage commissions and fees. This is a general guide to help you make an informed decision.

Please keep in mind that this is just an example and numbers may change from location to location.

For this example let's use an average sales price of $225,000 and a commission of 2.75% and focusing on 15 sales annually.

At $225,000 total sold is $3,375,000 and your commission would be $92,812.50 (At 2.75% if your broker gives you 100% of your commission)

Now let's break this down in the below examples to see what you really take home.

Call it Closed Realty

KW Realty

EXP Realty


Broker Split


70/30-till cap

80/20-till cap

80/20 -till cap then 95/5

Transaction Fee 





Royalty / Franchise fees


$3,000 - part of cap



Monthly fees

$99 ($1,200)

$60 ($720)

$85 ($1,020)

$235 ($2,820)

Annual fee





Cap At??





"Fees after capping"



$250 - until the next 20 transactions, then $75 until annual anniversary

5% of commission

Ability to create recurring 






Take home after a year of hard work and difficult clients.

$86, 772.50




Real estate doesn't need to be complicated.

*These examples and numbers may not reflect the true vision of your specific area, some areas may be greater or less. For a true side by side comparison call or text today to discuss your specific situation.

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