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Keep More Commission and

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Discover the power of commission retention and transform your real estate earnings.


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The Real Estate Commission Dilemma!!

The problem every Realtor faces!!

The real estate world is not just about selling homes; it's about the satisfaction of ensuring your clients find their dream abode. But as commissions get sliced due to brokerages and unexpected fees, it becomes harder to feel the rewards of your labor. Are you tired of seeing a chunk of your earnings disappear?

  • The Cost of Lost Commissions

    The Real Effect of Getting Less and Less

    Each lost penny is a missed opportunity. Think of the business advancements, the advertising campaigns, or even the personal treats you've had to forego. Your hard work deserves better, and it's time you reclaimed what's rightfully yours.


    Our Solution to Your Problem

    We're a Brokerage built by Realtor's for Realtor's 

    Unlock the potential of your earnings with our specialized service, tailor-made for the ambitious realtor. 

    Our promise: 

    Higher Retained Commissions: Say goodbye to excessive broker fees.

    Complete Discretion: Your earnings, your business. Keep it that way.


    Transparent Dealings: We keep it simple, straightforward, and sincere.


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    Simplified Steps to Amplified Savings

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    Quickly add your transactions and let our system do the magic. Watch Your Savings: View real-time reports of your transaction. Get paid 100% of your hard earned commission at the closing table. No need to wait!!

    Compare What You Could Be Making

    Let's Compare Real Estate Brokerage commissions and fees. This is a general guide to help you make an informed decision.

    Please keep in mind that this is just an example and numbers may change from location to location.

    For this example let's use an average sales price of $225,000 and a commission of 2.75% and focusing on 15 sales annually.

    At $225,000 total sold is $3,375,000 and your commission would be $92,812.50 (At 2.75% if your broker gives you 100% of your commission)

    Now let's break this down in the below examples to see what you really take home.

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